Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are an essential component of an online business. Freehill Media has developed over 50 websites with payment gateways integrated to seamlessly receive orders and payments at the same time.

It’s seamless

For the merchant using a payment gateway to accept payments, and to receive payments from the customer at the same time. Payment gateways are a great component to your online store.

It’s secure

As a customer, your credit card details are sent through a secure gateway with 256-bit encryption. Your site will appear with secure icons in the browser to instantly build trust with your customers. Making the process of accepting payments a breeze.

It’s direct

Customer payments are sent directly to your bank account from your customer’s credit card.

It’s open

Payment gateways open a range of possibilities including re-occurring billing, payment plans, and much more. Having the customer’s credit card details stored securely at the payment gateway, your customers can be billed automatically or manually.

It’s convenient

Customers across the world can make a payment in any currency you would like to offer with their American Express, Diners, Mastercard, or VISA credit or debit card. International transfer fees can be directed to the customer or the merchant.